Our Mission

The goals of B.E.E.S. are:

·         To educate Boeing employees and their families about the impact of their own choices on the environment.

·         Promote the idea of individual environmental responsibility.

·         Provide practical suggestions for everyday and longer term actions that will help reduce our environmental impact.

·         Provide encouragement and support for employees and their families to make more sustainable choices.

·         Provide a focal center for research into, references for and discussion of sustainable and lower impact ways of life.

·         Create a large group with significant buying power to promote and stimulate successful products that have low environmental impact.

·         Work with the company EHS focals to coordinate environmental events, communication and engagement.

·         Work with the company to explore alternate business practices that are more sustainable and have lower environmental impact.

Questions/feedback, please contact: workerbee@beesfly.org

The views expressed and links provided on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of The Boeing Company.

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