Small Steps

A list of small and easy but significant actions individuals can take that collectively will make a big difference:

  1. Turn off a light when you leave a room
  2. Recycle a plastic bottle
  3. Carpool, vanpool or take public transit once a month or once a week or even every day
  4. Buy the item with less packaging
  5. Take the stairs, not the elevator
  6. Close the outside door quickly to save heat
  7. Eat one meatless meal a week
  8. Don’t forget your reusable bags when you go shopping

This could be an unending list, but if 100,000 people did a couple of these things every day, the impact would be significant…

One of the goals of BEES is to encourage and help a lot of people to start taking small steps, making small changes in behavior and choices which collectively will make a large difference.  It is not about being thoroughly green, or feeling guilty, but about taking personal responsibility to get educated about the impact of our choices.  

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