Our Vision

We, the members of Boeing Employees for Environmental Stewardship (B.E.E.S.) believe that individual actions by a large group can result in a significant reduction in the impact we have collectively on our local and global environment.

This is a recreational club that seeks to help individuals learn about and act to reduce their environmental impact.  Through collective effort with internal and external projects, education, organized events, building reps and eventually purchasing power, it hopes to encourage individuals to know about and take responsibility for their environmental impact at home and at work.

The Boeing Company has an excellent website run by the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) organization containing a wealth of information about environmental subjects includes a blog, a wiki and many links.  It is available on the Boeing intranet here:


The company also has an intranet site addressing energy consumption at:


Questions/feedback, please contact: workerbee@beesfly.org

The views expressed and links provided on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of The Boeing Company.

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