Puget Sound Events in December

There are some great local events taking place in the Puget Sound region this December. Hope to see you there!

December 10. Seattle Greendrinks with Sustainable Seattle 3rd Annual Give Like You Give a Damn Holiday Fair in Pioneer Square

December 11. Snohomish Greendrinks at Angel Arms Studio in Snohomish

December 13. Green Lunches. Smaller gatherings – sign up here, and let’s see if we can get a group in the North end. Sign up link is broken as of 12/5, but will hopefully be fixed soon!

One response to “Puget Sound Events in December

  1. The signup link for Green Lunches is currently broken. Until it is fixed, you can use a workaround by signing up for lunch on Friday 13th December here:
    Suggest using a location centered on Paine Field if you work in Everett.

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